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How to Trust God When Money Seems Scarce—Part II

Have a Joyful Attitude If we let our circumstances put us in a foul mood, there is no pleasure for others to be around us. Years ago when I found out about a large financial setback in my family, I was discouraged and depressed. I also ate large amounts of ice cream—not all bad until it showed up in my waist line. It was not a…

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How To Trust God When Finances Are Tight–Part I

Money is always a hot topic—especially in a culture that is so driven by financial success.  The economy is a continual tension because of the direct impact on our job, investments, and the cost of living. As Christians we know that God is our source of security, not the economy, but how often we fail to believe it.  Throughout my life I can trace so many times of…

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Should I Buy That New Car?

I love cars. There is nothing like the beauty of a well-designed sports car—the flowing lines of the body, the additive rush of acceleration and velocity, and the invincible sensation from superior handling and braking. It’s all somewhat of an illusion of course—but what a kick. The illusion that becomes most problematic, though, is rationalizing that you can afford that new car because you need…

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Christ is Better Than Life Itself

I recently heard these words in a praise song, “Christ is better than life itself” and can’t stop thinking about what that should look like lived out in my life. A short time later I met a man named Chuck who is dying from stage 4 cancer that has spread through much of his body.  The doctors have said there are no cures and there is…

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Be Wise as the Year-End Approaches

There are some practical things that belong in this blog that may benefit you in ways you may not have considered.  At the same time they may enable you to honor God as a wise steward of all that He has given. Any time I can strategize, for example, to reduce my taxes and create added income toward greater generosity is a good thing in…

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How To Become Entrusted With True Riches

Jesus taught a truth in Luke 16 that lived out will radically change your life.  “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”  He goes on to say that if we have not been faithful in what wealth we have been given, who will entrust us…

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It’s A Touchy Subject

Ok, you are ready to let God have His way.  You are done clutching the joystick of your life. You know there is nothing better than a life surrendered to Christ.  Awesome. Now comes the tough part. Most parts of your life may be relatively easy to give away, except for one—It’s an F-word.  Even the mention of it makes my palms sweaty.  Finances—Don’t go…

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Advent 2016: Want this year to be different?

The season leading up to Christmas can be stressful, and many times I find myself sitting there the day after Christmas wishing I’d actually enjoyed the season. I told myself that this would be the year I actually made Christmas about Jesus and family and enjoying blessings and giving instead of parties and presents and stress. Maybe you can relate. I still haven’t found the secret…

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What Would It Take To Believe?

What would it take for you to have absolutely no doubt that if your faith did not fail, God would not fail?  And if your faith proved insufficient, God would still remain faithful? When I watch a favorite suspenseful movie the second time, the anxiety I felt about the outcome in the first viewing is gone.  I can enjoy every twist and turn of the…

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The Fathomless Wealth of Christ

A friend handed me a book about Hudson Taylor whose life was hidden in Christ as he landed in China in 1854 and served a lifetime leading scores of people to Christ. As Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor write, “Hudson Taylor had many secrets, yet they were but one—the simple, profound secret of drawing for every need, temporal or spiritual, upon the fathomless wealth of…

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