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4 Terrific Gospel Centered Preachers

Watch the recipe video for Matt Chandler Cronuts here:

Matt Chandler Cronuts

Serving: 3


Take some Texas A&M dough (Matt is a fan of Texas A&M football)
Roll it out for a mediocre season  (they do okay)
Cut dough so it fits an Explicit Gospel (The Explicit Gospel)
Cut any tumorous growths (Matt’s battle with brain cancer)
Fry in Acts 29 holy oil (Matt is the president of Acts 29)
Add some Mingling of Souls (Mingling of Souls)
Along with Village Church spice  (The Village Church)

Watch the recipe video for Joby Martin Macarons here:

Joby Martin Macarons

Serving: 3


Beat egg whites until fluffy
Add super protein powder  (check out those guns)
Pour beer to taste (some of Joby’s other hobbies)
Add redneck flavoring (he loves hunting)
Bake for 11:22 minutes (The Church of Eleven22)
Add buttery hunting (he really loves hunting)
Add Jacksonville sweetness (Jacksonville, FL)
Garnish with gunpowder (the power of the gospel)

Watch the recipe video for a Léonce Crump Cake here:

Léonce Crump Cake

Serving: 8


Add Oklahoma Sooner mix  (Léonce played for the University of Oklahoma)
And some love (Hershey kisses)
Break in some social justice (Christianity Today)
Pour cleaning water
Blend together
Add larger than life flavor (Léonce has really big feet)
Mix well
Bake in Hotlanta Heat (Renovation Church is in Atlanta, GA)

Watch the recipe video for a Larry Osborne Latte here:

Larry Osborne Latte

Serving: 1


Add 1 national conference speaker (info about Larry)
Add a 12,000 congregation church (North Coast Church)
And a touch of Magic (Larry is a fan of Magic Johnson)
Grind for 28 years (Larry Osborne Live ministries)
Pour Northcoast water (North Coast sermons)
Add some Sticky Teams (books by Larry Osborne)
Pinch of European wanderlust (Larry loves to travel to Europe)