At Resonate we believe Scripture teaches the primary place of discipleship is the family, and because of that we want to give you a wide range of tools to help your family become stronger and healthier. Tools that help you communicate more lovingly and effectively. Tools that help you rekindle romance. Tools that help you become the man or woman Jesus has called you to be.

Resources include Guides, Audio Resources, and Cheat Sheets, all of which are available below. You can also find physical copies at the Family Room Tent on Sunday mornings.

To get started, download a Family Room Appraisal/Plan and follow these three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Reflect on how intentional you have been the past 120 days
  • Step 2: Identify your Life Stage and Special Circumstances, then access the corresponding resources below.
  • Step 3: Create a Appraisal/Plan to become more intentional over the next 120 days.

Guides, Audio Resources, and Cheat Sheets offer very practical help. Scroll down to check them out.


Audio Resources are audio and video media offering inspiration and advice on becoming intentional at home. Download media below: